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Thunderbox is a rock studio album by English rock group Humble Pie released in 1974. It reached #52 on the Billboard 200.

Album profile

To many, Thunderbox remains Humble Pie's finest album, because out of all their albums Marriott's back to basics original rhythm and blues influence is most pronounced here.
Twelve songs appear, six of them covers, Ann Peebles song "I Can't Stand the Rain" once referred to by John Lennon as the perfect single; "Anna (Go to Him)" originally written and performed by Arthur Alexander and "Oh La-De-Da" by The Staple Singers.
Incidentally, the word Thunderbox is a seventeenth century slang word for the toilet which gives an example of Humble Pie's sense of humour.

Track listing

  1. "Thunderbox" (Marriott, Clempson)
  2. "Groovin' with Jesus" (Marriott)
  3. "I Can't Stand the Rain" (Peebles, Bryant, Miller)
  4. "Anna (Go to Him)" (Alexander)
  5. "No Way" (Marriott, Ridley)
  6. "Rally With Ali" (Marriott, Clempson, Ridley, Shirley)
  7. "Don't Worry, be Happy" (Marriott, Clempson, Ridley, Shirley)
  8. "Ninety-Nine Pounds" (Bryant)
  9. "Every Single Day" (Clempson)
  10. "No Money Down" (Berry)
  11. "Drift Away" (Williams)
  12. "Oh La-De-Da" (Mitchell)

Album credits

  • Greg Ridley - bass, vocals
  • Jerry Shirley - vocals, drums
  • Carlena Williams -vocals
  • Steve Marriott - guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
  • Billie Barnum - vocals
  • Dave "Clem" Clempson - guitar
  • Mel Collins - horn
  • Venetta Fields - vocals
  • Producer - (Marriott)
  • Hipgnosis - original album sleeve design
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